Great networker and successful business owner

After the individual consultations with Christina my attitude to shopping has changed: I stopped just buying clothes and started analysing them through the prism of different styles instead. Now I prefer to abstain from making impulsive purchases, and instead consistently search for pieces which suit my style.

Christina, thank you for your brilliant coaching and consulting! It feels like you’re doing exactly what you have a passion for and you’re doing it from the heart. Wish you more thankful customers like me, who become your friends!

(T.Vogt, Zug, Switzerland)

I had the pleasure to work with an amazing and bright businesswoman Tatiana Vogt. I could feel her drive, energy and warm disposition from the first time we met. No wonder she also turned out to be a great networker and organizer!

Tatiana has dynamic and strong facial features, which reflect her driven nature. However, the shape of her face is rather soft and rounded, which suggests a friendly and caring nature. The goal was to express all these character traits visually in her new outfits and to emphasize her high level of professionalism while still making her look approachable and feminine.

Some of my suggestions with regard to visual elements of self-expression were:

— to keep the silhouette straight and clean (preference goes to skirts rather than pants), which on the one hand suits her body type the best, and on the other hand is most appropriate for a business environment.

— introduce bolder colors (reds look particularly good on her) to accentuate her energetic and driven character.
Black would also work beneficial, since it’s a high status color and doesn’t dominate her. However, adding bright color contrasts and/or high quality statement jewelry is absolutely necessary to avoid making a predominantly black outfit look dull and heavy.

— use diagonal lines in cuts and prints, which give a sense of speed, visually supporting her dynamic physical features and character.

— high end statement jewelry with a slightly ethnic touch (we used necklaces from Rada) looks very fresh and interesting on her. Geometric forms support her facial features and the theme is off the beaten track, which of course always looks attractive.