Multifaceted and intelligent woman

Working with Christina was truly inspiring! Precise, well prepared, ready to answer my questions and meet my doubts, she transferred the excitement of her job and my new image onto me. The whole process was intriguing: not only the physical features are the key to the image, but also my personality in combination with my physical features is intended to shine through.

Not a big lover of shopping, I tremendously appreciated Christina taking care of all the hassle of ordering clothes online, trying them on with me and returning what didn't fit. As an end result I do feel that my personality is seen through the image that Christina has created for me. Would highly recommend working with Christina!

(E.Castro, Zug, Switzerland)

When I met Elena, the first thing that struck me is her light spirit, intelligence and how much she can accomplish in a day. Being a mother of two, director of an educational center, she also finds time to support and participate in many different projects and to generate and develop new ideas. All this she does playfully, in a friendly yet determined way. Always in a good mood she finds time for everyone who turns to her. An insatiable thirst for knowledge, new experiences, travel and freedom is what defines this woman.

Of course the challenge was how to express this visually. Elena has very fine fractional features, which together with small natural curls support the multifaceted side of her character and also make her look eternally youthful. The softened rectangle of her face suggests determination and will. In order to express her rich personality, I offered the following visual elements of self-expression:

— Bright and light colors. Particularly the clash of cold and warm colors looks good, since such contrast is very vibrant, like her nature.

— Small, fine and fractional prints, decor and jewelry are a must! An eclectic approach to prints is also very welcome and even advisable, since it reflects again the abundance of different cultural experiences Elena carries with her. Without these busy prints her appearance becomes rather plain and we instantly feel that we are missing something important.

— As for fabrics, mid weight, rather stiff fabrics should be combined with flowing lighter fabrics. The heavier fabrics reflect her determination and solid principles, and the light weight fabrics give her unconstrained freedom of movement, both in body and mind. Pleated midi skirts look wonderful. Knits (particularly crochet) are also beneficial, as they visually support her natural curls.

— As for jewelry, small multiple pins or several strains of small beads of different shapes and colors, which move as she walks, will look good. Important is to have an intellectual touch to the jewelry. More obvious and plain designs will look boring on her, as Elena has so many interesting and extraordinary things to tell.