Scandinavian Men style

On our trip to Scandinavian capitals Stockholm and Copenhagen I couldn’t help but notice how incredibly polished and stylish Scandinavian men are. Beards and mustache are definitely in trend there (Viking heritage? :))) and are always perfectly trimmed. Haircuts are trendy and immaculate. Those are btw the main and most important accessories. Clothing style casual chic, which they pull off easily. Most importantly — the overall look is effortlessly cool, which I find only both Scandinavian men and women can execute in such an incredible way, as if «all this» just happened!

At some points during our trip I wished I was a street style photographer, but again my husband would probably not appreciate this sudden urge lol.

Anyway, I particularly liked one look in Copenhagen, and decided to recreate it in pics and share it with you guys here in my blog. Remember: EVERY SINGLE detail is important for creation of this look!

So imagine you see a similar looking young man on a street of Copenhagen. He is definitely BLOND and happened to have no beard :)

He is riding this bike.

He is wearing this type of BLACK LOOSE-FIT suit. The PANT CUFFS are definitely rolled up giving a tapered look to otherwise wide leg pants! This is important both for style and for the comfort of riding a bike :))

This particular suit is from Société Anonyme and you can find it here

And he is wearing this kind of striped short- or long sleeve shirt: brand is Loveless, which you can find here

Important that the stripes are RED and NOT too contrasting, but rather light and faded. They need to support and give color to his blond complexion, and add a bright and breezy accent to otherwise not very summary black outfit.

And in addition he has these Birkenstock sandals on, which you can find here

Et voilà, here is a pic that I’ve seen. Add to that great weather, quay in the Christianshavn in Copenhagen and plenty of water and sailing boats around. We get a 21st century maritime + street boy style, slightly bringing us back to late 1940s.