«The Art of self-expression in style» (English version)

Do you want to find your unique individual style? Then you are at the right place!

This training is the very first step on the way to discovering your personal style! During a 3-hour online seminar you will find out what makes a stylish look so impressive and memorable, which clothing styles and clothing identities exist and how to define which style identity you are associated with.

You will explore the universal laws of creating expressive images and learn how to compile interesting looks using visual elements of art: color, form, line, shape, texture. You will know how to make a right first impression and why this is important. You will understand how to influence people with your style and image.

No one can describe the impressions from the seminar better than the people who actually bought it:

«This is my favorite masterclass on style! I don’t say it lightly as I’m a jewelry designer and know my way around fashion. I thought I knew pretty much all there is to know on personal style, colors, shapes, etc. Yet, for some reason, I could feel that among all that information something essential was missing. Yet, no one could clearly explain what the heck it is and how to capture it in one’s own stylistic expression.

Christina is the first person I came across that was able to do just that! In a concise way, with lots of great examples, she shows in her masterclass which looks work and why! I had several aha moments that already will transform my style! I cannot wait to continue my style journey with Christina and to discover all the hidden secrets my unique beauty holds. And I wanted to share my experience with other women too as Christina’s light and expertise should be shared!»

(O.Belo, Founder & Designer OBELO jewelry, California USA)

«I took the training „The Art of Self Expression in Style“ as an online module leading to my personal style journey. It really woke up a sort of curiosity in me and made me look around at people, fashion and art with new eyes. I would definitely recommend it! The course is really well put together and makes the visual expressions very clear. Everything is well presented with lots of good examples so that even for someone like me, who has no background in art or fashion, the theory behind the creation and visual communication of the styles becomes clear.»

(Anna-Luiza R, Zürich, Switzerland)