What connected me with Christina is her unique approach

«This was something I had always wished I could do, but never really thought investing in something like this would be worth it. I mean, that’s what girlfriends are for — to go shopping and tell you if something looks good on you or not. Well, I have learnt that there’s so much more to style.

What connected me with Christina is her unique approach. It’s not about what’s in style or what clothing companies she has relationships with, but she really digs deep into who you are as an individual by using your enneagram. I mean, what better way to know your style than to look at who you are?

This process was revolutionary for me. I was a working mom in Canada and recently moved to Switzerland and now doing all the unpaid work of being a stay at home mom. Through this experience I learned that I was hiding behind my clothes. That I was trying to be invisible. Totally the opposite of how I dressed when I was a career woman.

Through this process, I found myself again.

Pairing back my closet and finding key pieces, has really allowed me the freedom to express myself more and also to not have to think too much about what to wear in the morning. I’m also not afraid anymore of putting on a nice outfit (jeans, boots, t-shirt, suit jacket) to go to drop off the kids, go to my language class and get groceries. And I now know how to dress for my body type. I could never figure out why dresses with a waist always looked horrible on me. Well, turns out I have a high waist and so I’ve now learnt to look for clothes that don’t accentuate that part of my body (it's not the slimmest part).

I admit, I was uncomfortable at the beginning of our shopping day. Having a private dressing room and trying on these lavish clothes. It wasn’t my typical way of shopping. But what was amazing, is Christina could see my unease, and we talked about how I was feeling. Not once did I feel pressured to buy or try on something I didn’t like. It was more productive and honest than shopping with a girlfriend.

In the end, I have a few key pieces that look great on my body, I feel fantastic putting on and have a new confidant for when I go shopping. «- Celecia P. (Z├╝rich, Switzerland)