The 5 stepping stones to your individual style

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True colors

Figuring out your colors is a first and a very important step to defining your style formula. Wearing the right colors alone can already make you look younger, fresher, brighter and happier.

At the end of the consultation you can purchase personalized color swatches containing the color shades complimenting you — a helpful tool that you can take with you when going shopping for years to come.

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130 CHF/hourTypically lasts 2 hours
130 CHF/hourTypically lasts 2 hours

Working with figure proportions

Different styles of clothes can significantly alter even the most proportionate and classic figure. Therefore, it is crucial to know which apparel, cuts, fabrics, patterns and decorative elements compliment your figure best and which do not.

After the consultation you will receive an illustrated presentation, which will be your guide going forward.

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Your style formula

By the third step, we are approaching the essence of your style. First you will be submerged in the world of different styles and will learn how to recognize and differentiate them. Then you will receive your unique style formula, described in an illustrated presentation with guidelines, explanation and apparel examples that are essential to your style story.

This will be your personal guide going forward. At this point you will have a clear picture of your style and reasons why it compliments you best.

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390 CHF/2 hoursEach additional 30 mins 65 chf
420 CHF/2 hoursEach additional 30 mins 65 chf

More than meets the eye

While creating a personal style, it is important to analyze not only physical features, but also to understand one’s motivations, perceptions, attitudes and tastes. Only then will the effects of the makeover be truly long lasting and desirable.

The initial detailed interview will enable me to show you how your visual image reflects your psychological portrait, your social context and life goals, as well as how you can express these things visually going forward.

You will also learn how to compile outfits based on your style formula, your personality and the latest fashion trends. After the consultation you will receive an illustrated presentation, which will be your guide going forward.

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Daily essentials - hairstyle, manicure, makeup, perfume

Choosing the right clothes is only part of a harmonious look. The final step will look at how your unique personal style formula is best reflected in your hairstyle, manicure, makeup and perfume to allow you to achieve balanced results from head to toe.

During this meeting we will discuss all these daily essentials and how they blend in your unique style formula, go through your current set of decorative cosmetics and plan for any additional purchases.

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130 CHF/hourTypically lasts 2 hours
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  • Wardrobe check
  • Personal shopping
  • Styled photoshoot
  • Corporate style
  • Men’s style
Wardrobe check

This is the next logical step after the base consultations. The theory might be clear, but the practice of going through your entire wardrobe and adapting it to your newly defined style can be a bit daunting.

It is beneficial to have a Personal stylist help you toss the items that you have stubbornly clung onto for years, find new combinations in your existing wardrobe, create new looks, and help you analyze what needs to be purchased.

150 CHF/hourFrom 2 hours
Personal shopping

It is very easy to lose yourself in the abundance of clothing styles that are available today in stores. The choice can make your head spin and the shopping becomes a pain rather than a pleasure, especially if your busy schedule doesn’t permit much time for shopping.

That’s why during a shopping trip you end up buying «the same shirt/dress» again, because it is within your comfort zone and you are sure it suits you best. My task here is to help you recognize, among the abundance of different styles and brands, the pieces which correspond to your unique style formula and offer you a fresh look.

I offer you a choice: to shop in-store or to shop online. Both have distinct benefits and the one you choose depends on your lifestyle, shopping habits and where you live. With my help you will make new and right choices, which will save you time and money.

150 CHF/hourFrom 2 hours
Styled photoshoot

Photos are meant to capture longlasting pleasant memories. That is why many people book a photoshoot with a professional photographer, be it for a personal portrait, a family picture or a corporate team event photo.

I work together with the photographers to help you get the most out of your photoshoot by styling your picture: picking the right setting, giving tips on composition, posture, light and of course choosing the clothes, accessories and hair style, which match the setting and the occasion.

On requestSee the styling offers above
Corporate style

Even within the strict, established corporate dress code it is possible to let your personality shine and let it positively influence the outcome of business meetings and transactions.

However, not everyone knows how to allow their personality speak within the limits of the office style. Through master classes, personal and group consultations, I help your employees bring their unique styling formula to work and allow them to make a positive professional impression without without challenging office etiquette.

The obvious direct advantages for both employer and employee would be an immediate positive effect on the business partners and consequently the elevated image of the company, which leads to overall satisfaction, positive professional developments and results!

On requestSee the styling offers above
Men’s style

All the services I offer are equally aimed at men, even though they sometimes disregard the concept of styling services altogether, thinking that they are aimed solely at women. However, the very same men also want to project a strong professional image, be attractive to their partner, and want to set the right example for their children.

That is why it is equally important for men as for women to be aware of their style and dressing habits. Besides, it is always a pleasure to see a stylish man!

On requestSee the styling offers above
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